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Brazilian Jiu Jitsuself defense workshop


Saturday, May 20th, 2023

12 pm to 1pm

Unlike other martial arts like Boxing or Muay Thai that rely on speed, power, and athleticism, BJJ is relies on technique more than anything. I get regularly tapped out by people way smaller than me, and this is normal in BJJ. It’s a big ego check, but I guess it is just the nature of the beast.

Nowhere is this evidenced more than in Royce Gracie’s UFC domination where he regularly submitted people way bigger than him, (UFC had no weight classes back then) and in turn showed the world for the first time the effectiveness of BJJ.

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu can stop someone dead in their tracks without having to hurt them. Using your BJJ techniques can be a quick and painless way to end an altercation.

BJJ relies on using frames and leverages to control the other person’s body weight. If BJJ was mandatory for police officers to learn, then I can guarantee that it would be beneficial for anyone looking to improve their self defense skills to learn as well.

Everything you learn in BJJ is tried and proven to work against real opponents. In that sense, BJJ is similar to Muay Thai.

Why Women Should Train BJJ For Self-Defense

The area where Brazilian jiu-jitsu self-defense will come in most handy is against one attacker. Though you cannot choose how many people will attack you, very often it will be one person. This is especially true for women. Most often ( but not always ) when a man attacks a woman they will typically act alone.

For this reason, we believe that BJJ is a skill that all women should learn. Of course, as previously stated the best thing to try and avoid these situations altogether. That said, it is not always avoidable, so it is better to be as prepared as possible for a situation like this.

It is also very common for men to have to defend themselves against one attacker as well. This situation is where BJJ can be utilized the most. BJJ is designed to fight off or control one opponent. This is why BJJ is the best martial art for police to learn. 

Most assaults and fights end up on the ground. Whether it's to choke out a man or rape a woman. Because of this our workshop you will learn defenses against the most common assaults that end up on the ground. Whether it's being pinned down, choked or strangled BJJ has a way out and a way to counter attack.

This workshop is for ages 16+ only and is co-ed so both men and women will be participating. 


  • no jewelry

  • must wear t-shirt (no plunging neckline)

  • shorts, joggers or leggings (no bootie shorts)

  • bring water, a notepad and an open mind

  • be prepared to be physical and on the mats

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