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Combatives is the term used to describe the hand-to-hand combat systems primarily used by members of the military, law enforcement, or other groups such as security personnel or correctional officers.  Combatives are based in martial arts but are not themselves distinct disciplines. 

Survival, Evasion, Resistance, and Escape (SERE) is a training program, best known by its military acronym, that prepares U.S. military personnelU.S. Department of Defense civilians, and private military contractors to survive and "return with honor" in survival scenarios. The curriculum includes survival skills, evading capture, application of the military code of conduct, and techniques for escape from captivity.


Over the past 2 decades, the TRICOM system has become an integral part of various law enforcement departments, military organizations and executive protection agencies on a global scale. TRICOM has been adopted and accepted by some of the world’s most elite police and military organizations around the world, and is accredited on its own merits.

Buck Grant a life long Combat Athlete. He  has fought as a professional fighter and has taught our elite military special forces and some of the pioneers of mixed martial arts and combat sports. He is a Master of Muay Thai as well as a BJJ black belt. He is a certified S.E.R.E. Instructor as well as a Tricom Instructor. He is the combatives instructor for Department of Defense personnel.

As a Master Combatives Instructor who is well versed in many disciplines, he has devised a comprehensive mixed  fighting system for military, law enforcement and self defense minded citizens.

Master Grant will be teaching a 3 hour course on Saturday, January 20th, 2024 atarting at 2pm sharp. The cost is only $85 if purchased in advance and $100 the day of the event.

Reserve your spot today by clicking the green button below.

military combatives workshop

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