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6 Benefits of training in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu


Martial arts classes for teenagers can help them in a variety of ways and one of the most important is the impact it has on their self-esteem. The teenage years can be difficult as kids begin the transition to adulthood. Teens who study the martial arts learn to have confidence in themselves and their abilities. As they learn new skills in a nurturing environment, they understand their capabilities. That helps them to build self-esteem.

Mental Health

The mental health benefits of the martial arts are well documented. Martial arts disciplines such as karate focus on building a strong mind-body connection. That connection fosters an attitude of mindfulness and gratitude, both of which can help with mental health. There’s also a link between physical exercise and mental health. Intense martial arts workouts trigger the release of endorphins, feel-good hormones that can help teens feel better about themselves and their lives.

Self control

Control is an issue for teenagers as they take on new responsibilities. As students, teenagers have academic obligations to their teachers and to themselves. At home, they must meet the expectations of their parents. In a martial arts class, teenagers learn that controlled movement is the key to success. They also learn that intense focus can help them to ignore distractions. This combination fosters self-control as teens can see the benefit of control when they want to achieve a goal.


Discipline is an important life skill for teenagers. In martial arts class, they see their instructors behaving with discipline and learn how discipline helps them in training for new belts and stripes. Discipline comes into play when students learn new techniques, as they must repeat them and master the correct form before testing. Martial arts can help teenagers discipline themselves in school and at home — and their mastery of discipline is something they’ll carry with them for the rest of their lives.


Nobody gets through life without their share of failures and disappointments. It’s part of being human. Studying a martial art helps teenagers learn how to cope with failure and disappointment and how to keep going in the face of adversity. Learning the martial arts can be a humbling experience. Every student makes mistakes. Every student must work to master a new skill. It takes repetition and the ability to pick themselves up after a disappointment to get through it — and the same is true of every aspect of life. Teens who study the martial arts are resilient because they see the benefits of resilience in their martial arts classes.

Physical Fitness

It shouldn’t surprise you to learn that martial arts training for teens provides a terrific workout that combines aerobic activity with muscle toning. Since teens often spend hours every day sitting at desks or in front of their phones, it’s essential for them to get exercise when they can.

Martial arts training combines intense kicks and punches with controlled movements that use students’ body weight as resistance. The result is all-over toning that can help teens and adults maintain a healthy weight and be healthy in general.


Martial art classes provide an ideal combination of mental, emotional, and physical benefits that help them become better students and better human beings. The lessons they learn on the mat are things they will carry with them for the rest of their lives.

We now offer traditional BJJ for ages 13+ twice a week and non-traditional style NO GI BJJ on Saturdays for kids 6-12 and another class for ages 13+

So register for a free class to see if we are the right place for you or your child by clicking the link below to register.

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