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Kids Kickboxing fighters

Fighter's Club is exactly what it sounds like. Members of our intermediate and advanced Kid's Kickboxing class wear safety gear that protects their head, chest and groin as well as wearing boxing gloves and shin guards. They practice sparring using an age appropriate version of Muay Thai Kickboxing rules.

Children will learn to really test their ability to defend themselves in a safe manner while their parents can cheer them on from the sidelines.

Sparring can sometimes cause anxiety in beginners which is why it is not required for testing until they reach the level of blue belt which can take up to a year. By then they should have sufficient experience in the intermediate class with our modified soft sparring which requires no safety gear other than gloves and shin guards.

Fighter's Club Members will wear a special uniform showing they are part of this group. You must already be a participant of the intermediate class to join.


Remember sparring is not just about fighting. It's about conquering fear.

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