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VIDEO TESTIMONIALS from hendersonville School

Our Muay Thai program from all age members

Our Kid's Program from a mom's perspective

Our Krav Maga Program from a man's perspective

Our Muay Thai Kickboxing Program

Our Krav Maga Program from a woman's perspective

Our Krav Maga Program from a man's perspective

Our Adult Program from a woman's perspective

local interviews in hendersonville

television show interviews





What I like about the class are the self defense techniques which makes me feel like I can protect myself and protect the people around me. I also like the exercise because before I had nothing to motivate me to exercise and this class is really helping”….. Zoe (Krav Maga)


“I am very happy with the Muay Thai class. My kids like it a lot. They are coming along at a pace that they really enjoy a lot and are learning a lot. “………..Bryan (Kid’s Kickboxing)

“There’s nothing I don’t like about the Krav Maga class. I like that Thursday class is more technical and Saturdays its more of a workout. I feel that it’s a good balance.”……..Bryan (Krav Maga)

“The reason why I love this class so much is because I’ve also wanted to take martial arts class. As a kid I’ve have been bullied a couple of times and this class really helps me.  There is nothing I don’t like about this class and everything in this class is very essential and it’s a big part of my life right now………..Stephanie (Krav Maga)

“The best part of the class is that I never realized how much I can really do. I’m not exactly physically fit but this class motivates me to be better..I never thought I was strong enough or fast enough and the class motivates me to always do better. I would likie to get my black belt and go to the Krav Maga camps……Christine (Krav Maga)

“What I like about the class is that it’s very realistic and I’ve done a lot of other martial arts in my life but this is very down to earth and actually learn to defend myself and the people I love…………Thomas (Krav Maga)


“What I like about the class is that it’s great exercise and I love that my kid comes with me.  After every class I’m glad I came here……….Ralph (Krav Maga and Kid’s Kickboxing)

“All of the students were welcoming and gave me all the instruction and words of encouragement that I needed. After the first class, I was hooked! I knew I had found my new hobby and my new outlet, not to mention my new journey to get fit and healthy,” 

"In the past seven months her life has changed drastically, she feels more energetic and focused in her day-to-day life, she is more fit and extremely happy. Kickboxing has built her strength, coordination, balance and skill. “I have a group of people that I enjoy training with every week without fear of judgement from any of them. Everyone here is positive and all about building each other up. Kru is an amazing leader and genuinely cares about his students. He has a way of teaching discipline without belittling anyone or making anyone feel bad about themselves,” ... ... ...Kaitlyn (Muay Thai)

“Kru has a special ability to teach, not only the art of Muay Thai, but also discipline and respect. I am looking forward to learning more from him and progressing in all aspects,”... ... ... James (Muay Thai)

“I walked into the studio, afraid after a serious assault of how I would react to a self-defense class that is known for ruthless methods (Krav). From the second I walked into the studio and met Kru, how passionate, welcoming and knowledgeable he was, it immediately disarmed me. Meeting the classmates was the same energy". Taking Krav has helped me face my fears and trauma head on in a way that nothing else could. I will forever be grateful for this" . Regarding my 5 year old daughter... “Not only does she love it, but her whole demeanor has changed, she is more patient, attentive and understanding of boundaries. And she has a great time learning with Kru,”... ... ... Morgan (Krav Maga & Kid's Kickboxing)






The best place ever. I go there for muay thai and i can not even express how great there service is. Kru joe is the most amazing teacher in world and he has a son coach julian that helps every once in a while.👍👍👌👌- Ryder W

They offer a verity of self defense training at hendokickboxing. They have Krav, Muay Thai, BJJ, fitness boot camp, and much more. Everyone makes you feel welcomed, and part of the family. Staff is friendly and knowledgeable. They take pride in keeping the dojo clean and stocked. I highly recommend. - Thomas W


Joined about a month ago. Teaching is great. Instructors do an excellent job at explaining techniques, and helping you understand. Great staff, and amazing atmosphere. Even with no prior experience it feels like your right at home with family as they cheer you on. Highly recommended for anyone wanting self defense, or to get in shape. - Page W


(Translated by Google) Excellent school, excellent service (Original) Excelente escuela, excelente servicio - Rosa M


We recently joined Hendokickboxing. Our experience thus far has been exceptional. The staff is great, the instruction is phenomenal and the atmosphere is welcoming. No matter what skill set you are walking in with, you will be supported and encouraged. Highly recommend for all ages! - Jillian B



I’ve been doing Muay Thai for about 3 weeks and I love it! It’s a great workout, it’s challenging and a lot fun! - Excela LR


Great workout!! Awesome atmosphere.  It's been 2 weeks and I feel like I have learned a great deal already. _ Paul R


Kind, caring, and through instructors who truly care about your safety. - Danielle K


Absolutely love this place and the people that work there. I have my son in kids kickboxing kru is patient with the kids and always makes the class fun. Also have taken classes myself. Will recommend anyone to try it out! - Caitlyn S


Renee' S


Amazing class and instruction! Couldn’t be better. I’m in my second week and having the time of my life. Everyone at Hendokickboxing is incredible and encouraging. Highly recommended! - Mark E


We love Hendokickboxing and Kru Joe! Tiny Tigers has been a great experience for our son so far, we look forward to continuing being a part of this great community Kru has created. - Marcessa H


My son loves hendokickboxing and has learned so much self confidence. He is always excited to come to class. - Megan M


Was a wonderful time.. the DJ Brandon .. was amazing !! The owner was awesome tooo !! - His Light


I signed my grandson's up as a Christmas present. What an awesome place. I met with the owner and instructor Joe, and was given a tour of the place. He has a lot of knowledge, and a gift for wanting to teach all the children, what he has learned thru the years. The pride and passion he has shows in his work and the ability to teach others. - Deborah J


An amazing class to take, all the instructors are very knowledgeable and everyone treats you like family. - Jared S

★★★★★ - Barbara C

★★★★★ - Rockland G

★★★★★ - Kathie B


We started our 3 year old in tiny tigers about 6 months ago, and Kru Joe has been such a great leader and teacher for the kids. My daughter has a blast, has grown so much more confident, and loves the structure and most importantly the fun in every class. Looking forward to getting into the adult classes myself soon! - Chad E

Facebook Reviews

My son and I absolutely love coming to our classes. My son Peyton does tiny tiger and I do Krav Maga I would 10 out of 10 recommend to everyone. Come out and join the class and family - Meg W

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