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Unfortunately these days there seems to be an epidemic of active shooter atrocities especially in religious facilities and businesses. Churches, Temples and businesses around the country are having to struggle with horrible people whose hearts are filled with hate.

  • April 2021 at a FedEx warehouse in Indianapolis 8 people were killed.

  • March 2021 in Atlanta, 8 people, including six women of Asian descent, were killed at three spas.

  • August 2019 at Walmart in El Paso, killing 23 people and wounding about two dozen others. 

  • December 2019,  West Freeway Church of Christ in White Settlement shot 2 before being shot by security

  • October 2018, a Pittsburgh synagogue, killing 11 congregants and wounding six others. 

  • November 2017, a  Baptist church in Texas Killed 26 people 20 wounded


By the time the police show up it's already too late for those who happen to be there at the time. This is why we offer private group workshops tailor fitted to your organization. Whether it's a religious facility, educational facility or a business, our Active Shooter Prevention workshop will teach your security team, worshipers and employees how to prevent and deal with an active shooter situation.

We first begin by assessing your location, look for ways to improve security and then teach proven techniques used by the Israeli Defense Forces. These same techniques are used by Homeland Security,  law enforcement, paramilitary groups around the world.

This workshop is much more than a Power Point presentation. It's hands on training, it's get down and take the terrorist out while saving as many people as possible. This 3 hour intense workshop covers topics such as identifying, overcoming and subduing one or more active shooters. We offer this workshop for a large group or gathering or even more specialized training for security teams. 

civil unrest prevention training


After seeing how little response there was in the summer of 2020 by government agencies when so called peaceful protests ended up becoming full blow riots in which several cities were held hostage due to inept city officials, we designed a practical workshop that can be used by religious institutions, agencies and businesses in order to prevent and mitigate damage to people and property.

Whether the riots are caused by leftist extremist groups like Antifa and BLM or by right wing extremists groups the result is the same. Businesses are destroyed or looted, people lose their lives, government offices are destroyed for whatever these groups consider justifiable.

These riots started out peacefully until it didn't. Cities such as Atlanta, Bakersfield, Boston, Chicago, Columbus, Dallas/Fort Worth, Des Moines, Denver, Detroit, DC, Houston, Los Angles, Louisville, Memphis, Minneapolis, New York and Portland to name few. Millions of dollars in public and private rebuilding had to be spent after the fact.

If local business or governmental agencies had taken precaution and learned from the civil unrest Israel has been having to deal with since it's formation as an independent country they could have nipped the riots in the bud before it got to violent.

Our Civil Unrest Prevention training is usually designed around the organization that needs this training. Whether it's a religious organization, social club or small business we can help you to prevent what happened to those businesses. We can focus on your security team, your entire staff or congregation. 

ABDUCTION prevention/human trafficking training

human traffiking.jpg

This training focuses on a specific threats and dangers that are woman specific. By this we mean physical assaults usually done to ladies by human traffickers and rapists.

​Attendees will learn how to predict, prevent and identify violent situations before they occur, and what to do when such situations are unavoidable.





The physical component of the seminar will teach simple, effective and proven techniques that will increase any person’s survival chances. This workshop can be held at your religious organization, social club or business. You can provide this training to your security team, congregation or staff. 

armed robbery prevention


This training focuses on armed robbery and theft prevention.

​Attendees will learn how to predict, prevent and identify an armed/unarmed robbery before they occur, and what to do when such situations are unavoidable.





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