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israeli combat WEAPONS

The Israeli Combat Weapons system, is based on actual and practical performance. As it been developed and upgraded over years of experience, the Israeli shooting method has distinct advantage that has been proving itself highly effectively time after time.

The guiding principle of the Israeli Combat Weapons is to quickly neutralize the threat in the simplest and most instinctive way possible.

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eve its high effectiveness, the Israeli Combat Weapons method integrates aggressiveness, determination, speed and accuracy. Stress factor is also introduced into our training regimen in order to accustom trainees to the typical pressures associated with actual events. It has become the preferred choice of many professional agencies around the world, due to its simplicity, based on the instinctive reaction to stimulus which occurs under stress. Our courses of Instruction will take you step by step to achieve superior handgun and knife skills for rapid reaction to fluid conditions. 


Learn the same combat tested methods that have been used for more than 30 years by the Israeli Defense Forces, Elite Special Forces, MOSSAD, Israeli Counter-Terrorism and other military/police units. Israeli Combat Shooting is designed for close-quarters combat. It is an instinctive point shooting method that teaches the shooter to "draw, charge and shoot" from  an empty chamber  in a matter of a second while combining safety, stability and mobility. We pride ourselves in giving our customers high quality services, personalized for their unique needs.​​

Key advantages for learning ​​Israeli Combat Weapons Training

· Simple and easy to learn. 
· Involves Military and operational strategic thinking 
· Enhances body mechanics and muscle memorization 
· Prepares the practitioner to deal with unexpected situations 
· Fast and useful CQB system 
· Elevates fighting spirit  
· Elevates self confidence 
· Incorporates Innovative and unique training methods 
· Applicable to all regardless of their size, strength, or gender  
· Tested under the most demanding conditions by Special Forces operators

- Learn how to use improvised weapons including knife and stick

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Israeli Combat Weapons (Level 1.5)

Saturday October 21st, 2023 9am to 1pm

ICS Level 1.5 is the second course in series of three courses that are designed to introduce a student to the fundamentals of Israeli Combat Shooting as taught to Israeli Police, Military and Special Forces units in Israel and professionals worldwide. This course is open to all civilians regardless of your shooting ability. This course is for beginners, novice and highly experienced shooters.​​​

Course outline:

- Firearm safety in dynamic environment
- Fundamentals of point shooting
- ICW stance and body mechanics
- ICW grip and shooting
- Pinch Rack
- Weapon deployment - stage 1 and stage 3
- Proper trigger control
- Firing malfunctions
- One handed and Two handed Grip and shooting
- Quick Reloads 
- Proper scanning modes
- Rapid fire stationary and moving

- Basic ICW positions of fire

- Threat remediation

- Moving and shooting from cover


- Krav Maga knife disarming

-Krav Maga pistol disarming

Requirements for this workshop:

- must be at least 18 years of age

- must bring your own pistol

- must bring a holster and 2 magazine holder

- must bring ear and eye protection

- 100 rounds of ammo are required


- knee pads, sun protection and tactical gloves

- not pad and pen

- bottle of water (this is outside and will be warm)

- an open mind and a willingness to learn a different way to shoot

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