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Saturday June 29th and 30th, 2024
Saturday 9am to 2pm
Sunday 10am to 1pm

What Makes Navy SEALs The Best Special Forces Operators in the World Today?
The U.S. Navy SEALs are the most widely known—and feared—special forces operators in the world. Named for the environments in which they operate (sea, air and land), the Navy SEALs were officially established under President John F. Kennedy in 1962 and have been a powerful military force ever since.

Survival, Evasion, Resistance, and Escape (SERE) is a training program, best known by its military acronym, that prepares U.S. military personnel, U.S. Department of Defense civilians, and private military contractors to survive and "return with honor" in survival scenarios. 


Close-quarters battle (CQB) is a close combat situation between multiple combatants involving ranged (typically firearm-based) or melee combat. It can occur between military units, law enforcement and criminal elements, and in other similar situations.

Meet our Instructors


         Buck Grant a life long Combat Athlete. He  has fought as a professional fighter and has taught our elite military special forces and some of the pioneers of mixed martial arts and combat sports. He is a Master of Muay Thai as well as a BJJ black belt. He is a certified S.E.R.E. Instructor as well as a Tricom Instructor. He is the combative instructor for Special Operations.

As a Master Combative Instructor who is well versed in many disciplines, he has devised a comprehensive mixed  fighting system for military, law enforcement and self defense minded citizens.


         Alex also know as AROG is a decorated Navy SEAL with 11 years of service. Multiple deployments to the Middle East, to include combat training, operations and leadership roles. In charge of the application, refinement and development of small unit tactics for other Special Warfare Operators as well as took lead in standing up SOF-6, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s premier anti-terrorism force, focusing on CQB in planes, trains, boats/ships, and urban environments.

Spent 2 years as a CQB/Urban Assaults cadre member as we as Land Warfare cadre. Responsible for the training of all East Coast Based SEAL Teams.

He holds a bachelorette degree in Organizational Leadership and will be graduating with a Graduate Degree in Strategic Leadership in August of 2024.

He is also a small business owner, entrepreneur and avid martial artist.

WHAT TO EXPECT in this 2 day seminar

Day 1 CQB training plan held at a remote location

  • Introduction and Briefing

  • Overview of the training session

  • Emphasize safety protocols

  • Outline goals and objectives

  • CQB Room Clearing/Home Invasion House Clearing

  • Explanation of room clearing basics: angles, entry tactics, and communication

  • Dry run with no weapons to practice movement and coordination

  • Live run with training weapons and safety gear, focus on teamwork and communication

  • Active Shooter Response Training

  • Discussion of active shooter scenarios and response strategies

  • Dry run on response tactics: moving towards threat, communication, securing the area

  • Live run simulations with training weapons and safety gear

  • Advanced CQB Room Clearing**

  • Introduction to advanced room clearing techniques: multiple entry points, stairwells, and moving targets.

  • Practical exercises with training weapons, focusing on advanced techniques in different room configurations.

  •  Scenario-Based Transition Training

Day 2 Combatives training plan held at Hendokickboxing & Krav Maga

  • Transition from Gun to Knife to Hand-to-Hand

  • Explanation of scenarios where transitions are necessary

  • Practice gun to knife transitions using dummy weapons

  • Practice knife to hand-to-hand transitions

  • Combine all transitions in simulated scenarios

  • Review of gun to knife to hand-to-hand transitions in complex scenarios.

  • Scenario-based drills with unexpected developments to test adaptability

  • Debrief and Q&A

  • Review key points and areas for improvement

  • Address questions and concerns

  •  Discuss next steps and further training opportunities Follow-on plan for an additional or afternoon 2-hour session:

  •  Review of Previous Training**

  • Quick recap of CQB room clearing, transition techniques, and active shooter response.

  • Emphasize key takeaways and areas to improve.

  • Questions or concerns on previous lessons to clear up or improve on.

Reserve your spot today by clicking the green button below. Preregistration is $250 day of event is $300.


Requirements for training

  • Metal airsoft pistol with blow back feature, extra CO2 cartridges and airsoft ammo

  • Airsoft Body and eye protection

  • Drinks and snacks

  • Notepad and pen

  • Medication if needed (high stress training)

  • No pictures or video of training


Navy SEALS CQB & Combatives seminar

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