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$375 if purchased early $400 day of event

Friday Training Schedule - Training Block 7-9pm


Saturday  Training Schedule - Training Block A- 10am-1pm

1pm-2pm Lunch Break

Saturday - Training Block B- 2pm-5pm


Sunday Training Schedule 

Training Block A- 10am-1pm

1pm- 20 min break (bring a snack)

Training Block B- 120-3pm


The Muay Thai University proudly presents our Coaches Clinic Series for 2024. 

This intensive weekend will focus on the essential skills to become an effective leader, based upon 3 major criteria:


  • Skill acquisition- Each candidate will train in the Art of 8 Limbs, know as Muay Thai, and is required to be compitent in their skills within the art. Training will challenge candidates both mentally and physically in order to develop the essential fighting prowess necessary to be a competent and respected instructor.

  • Teaching Ability- This is a train the trainer course. Our job as teachers is to pass knowledge onto our students. A large portion of the curriculum is focused on effective communication; conveying what you know in a way that others will understand. 


  • Leadership through Self Discovery- In order to lead, one must know where they are leading from. Understanding your own mind, emotions and actions gives a teacher clear perspective on WHY they teach. Knowing your WHY empowers you as a teacher to teach from a place of authenticity.

You can pay online or in person. 

Just click on the link below

or visit us Monday through Thursday from 4 pm to 8 pm and Saturday from 9 am to 1 pm.

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