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You don't have to lose out because you are flying Solo. We at Hendokickboxing understand that sometimes Valentine's Day isn't celebrated by everyone so we decided to create a Solo package just for you. Save up to $247 in your initial membership by joining us for this special one month package for just $150. You get to train twice a week for 30 days and if you decide to continue with us (and we hope you do) you will save up to $200 on your initial membership package.

You can join any one or more of our classes.

Tiny Tiger's for preschoolers (ages 3-5)

Kid's Kickboxing (ages 6-12)

Muay Thai Kickboxing (ages 13 and up)

Israeli Krav Maga (ages 13 and up)

Yoga (ages 11 and up)

Tai Chi for seniors and those with mobility issues

Register today using the green button below. This offer expires Thursday, February 15th, 2024.

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